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Passpartout: world of street art

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Art is a subtle and multifaceted phenomenon. Of course, none of its types are easy to master not be called. Probably, each of us once dreamed of becoming a master in some kind of art, whether it be music, painting or sculpture. In this game we will talk about drawing. So if you dreamed (or still dream) of the glory of a great artist, then this game is your chance! But here you also have to understand one very important thing - the life of artists has the reverse side of the coin ...

So, in this artistic simulator you will play the role of a French boy named. This is a nice young man, who is terribly unlucky in life - he is very poor, does not have a roof over his head, he lives half-starving and constantly wanders in different areas of Paris, hope for some earnings. The only thing Passport has is his artistic talent. Since his childhood, he has been incredibly skilled in creating paintings of a variety of styles and types. But he is also a man of high moral principles, firmly believing that the pictures are created solely for the sake of art, and not for their own enrichment. But alas, life sometimes breaks even the strongest of this world. And whose poverty has already cornered, realizes that the only way to survive for him is to start turning his talent into money.

Your task is to help the unlucky artist in creating such picturesque masterpieces, which exactly will be demand among the Parisian public, which, as everyone knows, is famous for its love of art. At the beginning of the game at your disposal a fairly modest set of cheap brushes and paints, and a couple of easels. But does a real master determine the quality of his tools? No, a true artist can do without expensive tools. So, first you need to ensure a successful start and make your first "commercial" picture a true masterpiece. Drawing it, you need to crank up an equally complicated business - to sell it competently. Exhibit a picture for everyone on the main street of Paris, but do not sell it to the first person on the street! Each next buyer may well pay you more than the previous one, so you need to determine in advance how much you expect. After all, the money you get is your means of subsistence.

Having received your first fee, passpartour will need to invest it wisely. First of all, you will need to provide yourself with food. Then you need to rent a room, which will be for you and a place to stay overnight, and an improvised workshop (writing pictures on the street - so-so idea). Do not forget about the tools for drawing - brushes, paints and canvases are not taken from the air. Be cautious and distribute your budget competently - otherwise you will not have enough money for all of the above.

Having sold a sufficient number of paintings and firmly standing on your feet financially, you can apply for participation in prestigious art competitions, where not only money but international recognition among the world's most famous artists is at stake. You yourself will not notice how quickly you will pass from The Starving Artist to a respected master of paint and paint, whose paintings the entire world admires!

Try to reach the top of the fine arts in this fascinating and colorful game!

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